Why Awkward Twentysomething?

It was 2012 and I was approaching my senior year of college at the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse. Living in a house of six women all about to graduate, I was intimately involved in the “what’s next” question that inevitably happens during that time. Something significant struck me as so many other experiences flashed before me, both those that had happened and those I was anticipating.

So I got to thinking and began to ask around. “Would you read something about the experience of your twenties being the most awkward years of your life?”

A resounding “YES.” So here we are…

Awkward Twentysomething & Surviving It exists to give voice to and create a space to gather around the experiences of a twentysomething, particularly those that aren’t talked about often enough or that don’t yet have the language to be discussed.

For the full story, check this out.

So we don’t get lost…

Life is an adventure. Treat it as such.

It’s true. In an adventure, you intentionally position yourself to say “yes, and…” to any situation that comes your way. You have to or you’ll never actually get out of your car. The same thing is true in your life. So many people get frustrated with the monotony in life, but I think we have so much control over that than we think we do. Once we see life as an adventure, we open ourselves up to the possibility that life is full of gifts and surprises just waiting for us to see them.

We’re all creative beings.

I hear all the time, “I’m not the creative type.” Wrong. If you think about just the human body, there’s no way that we aren’t created as creative beings. We were detailed with too many intricacies and unique qualities that make every single one of us creative. And I think if we all tap into our creative sides, whatever that may look like (think broadly – food, caring for people, making lattes, art, physical movements), our world would be a much more vibrant, thriving place.

Call up and not out.

Maybe I say this because I’m a conflict avoider, but I don’t see much benefit in calling people out. It makes people feel like failures. Like the other. Like once again they can’t measure up to the world’s arbitrary standards. Calling people up addresses the issue and it also speaks life into people. It says, “I see the unique gifting you have, and although this situation wasn’t handled well, I still want to see you thrive.” You’ll see a lot of calling up happening here.

Care for people. It’s how we truly survive this life.

We can’t care for others until we care for ourselves well first. So we must learn to find those things that make us come alive, then go do them. And once we go do them, we need to pour into our tribe, whatever that may look like. Your family. Your chosen family or framily. Your coworkers. The regulars at your favorite local coffee shop. Those are the people that are going to help you put one foot in front of the other when the going gets tough, and they encourage your to sprint when the gates are open.

Your voice is your strongest weapon. Use it wisely.

Because it has the ability to speak the language of life and it has the ability to speak the language of death. It can be silenced and it can be overused. And we can confuse it for other voices. Once we find our voice and feel empowered to use it, beautiful things can happen. And when we can create a collective voice of people speaking authentically, the possibilities are endless.